How to Plan Muslim Wedding in India

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A Muslim wedding is observed according to the instructions written in the Holy Quran, the main religious scripture of Islam. Indian Muslims are also orthodox in maintaining their religious rituals while following some local traits as well.

Discuss the average budget for Muslim wedding

The budget for a Muslim wedding varies on the number of guests invited by the new couple, cost of chosen wedding venue, the menu of the wedding feast, and type of wedding venue décor. Basically, a Muslim wedding can be done with a nominal cost, since it can be simply conducted anywhere by a Qazi or Muslim priest.

Allocate funds correctly

A new Muslim couple should allocate separate funds for each section of their wedding preparations. They need to allocate some money distinctly for buying wedding cards, booking the wedding venue, hiring a caterer, buying wedding outfits, and other miscellaneous expenses. All these funds should be strictly maintained to prevent too much expense for the wedding.

Venue Management

A low-budget Muslim wedding can be conducted in the local mosque, saving the cost of booking a wedding venue. However, a new couple can choose any wedding venue, depending on their budget for this aspect. For a destination wedding, they may choose any sea beach, hill station, or a luxurious hotel.

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The selection of wedding invitations is an important part of wedding preparation. Now, new couples can buy Muslim wedding invitations online, from the websites of reputed wedding card makers. They can simply choose the best template from the category of ‘Muslim wedding cards’ that fits within their budget and later customize it online as per the choice of the new couple.

Décor and Ambiance Management

The wedding venue décor depends on the chosen wedding theme. If no theme is chosen, the venue can be simply adorned with colorful bouquets, garlands, streamers, and silk drapes. A professional wedding venue decorator should be hired to create a lovely ambiance with gorgeous décor.

Catering Management

A local caterer with a good reputation should be hired for serving the best quality foods and drinks to wedding guests. In case of the destination wedding, a catering company of that place needs to be hired for serving local cuisines. The menu of the wedding feast should be decided by the new couple while the caterer should take care of table décor and utensils to serve.

Guest Management

All wedding guests should be heartily welcomed, and they should be led to their seats at the wedding venue. Guests should be made comfortable by serving them drinks and snacks. The wedding planner can assign a few people for this job so that no guest feels neglected or insulted while attending the wedding.

Entertainment Management

A professional wedding planner can arrange for providing entertainment to wedding guests. A notable singer or a music band can be hired to offer melodious music to entertain guests. A photo booth can be installed where guests can get their customized photos. Party tents can be erected where guests can enjoy food, drinks, and a magical environment with different sorts of entertainment.

Photography Management

A wedding photographer should be hired to capture all the important moments of wedding rituals in a Muslim wedding. He should click beautiful photos and shoot videos of the new couple with their guests, to make lifetime memories for them.

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Artist Management

A Mehendi or Henna artist should be arranged for drawing beautiful Mehendi designs on the hands and feet of the bride and other women present in the Mehendi ceremony. Guests can be entertained by hiring Ebru or paper marbling artist, tattoo artists in a Muslim wedding. Some professional dancers may be hired to perform before the guests, to keep them happily engaged.

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Therefore, the planning of a Muslim wedding in India is not a difficult job for new couples. They may also hire professional wedding planners for having all wedding preparations done brilliantly.