How To Spot Fake Jewelry In Online Shops

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Online shopping has made it easier for us to buy most of our fashion accessories, including jewelry. You can browse through the online shops for a wide range of jewelry, and you can further get help from the representative of these online stores. It has also become cheaper to purchase jewelry with the increasing competition set in due to the increasing number of online retail fashion stores.

However, it is vital to find reliable fashion stores where you cannot get fake jewelry. Because you cannot physically inspect this jewelry, you may have to rely on their trust to ensure you do not end up with fake jewelry. Check out Collected.Reviews for a list of online fashion stores where you can purchase jewelry. Read about carter + main and other online retail shops to learn how to spot fake jewelry online.


From these reviews, we have learned how to spot fake jewelry in the following ways:

1.    Check the hallmark of the jewelry

One way to attest to the authenticity of the jewelry is to check for the jewelry hallmark. Any online jewelry that does not have any of the hallmark ratings to determine its quality should be regarded as fake. For instance, for gold, you will have 10 karats, 18 karats, 14 karats, and 24 karats, which determine the concentration of gold in that jewelry. From this, you can evaluate the quality of the jewelry and can assess it as real. A piece of jewelry that does not have such a hallmark can be determined as fake.

2.    Determine the source

Many of us do not pay attention to this aspect when purchasing jewelry online, for you may care less about its origin. But if you cannot determine the origin of the jewelry, or the seller cannot provide its source or certificate of ownership, it is fake. In most cases, the seller will give a misleading image online to try to deceive the buyer. Always check that the picture is clear, and you can determine the quality of the piece of jewelry.

3.    What about a sensible return policy?

One trick you can use to detect fake jewelry is the lack of a return policy on the piece of jewelry. Typically, items bought online should have 14 days for the customers to return them if they are faulty, or they failed to meet the desired standard the customer thought they would when they are posted online. Online fashion stores with fake jewelry pieces will most likely not have a reasonable return policy for the products. Avoid such products as you will read online reviews about terrible experiences with these types of products.

4.    Avoid jewelry without a warranty

Jewelers with real products will provide a warranty because they can always sell them to other customers. And this is why they will provide a warranty for their products, and they will take these items back from customers after a period if they don’t meet the requirement. Online stores with fake jewelry will probably want to sell them for one-off prices with fantastic deals to make them more attractive. Don’t get carried away by these attractive deals that you neglect the warranty aspect for you may be falling for fake products. You can learn about other customers’ experiences with these attractive deals and how they have turned out to be fake.

You should ensure that you invest in authentic jewelry and learn how to spot fake from online jewelry. However, the trick is to find reliable online stores where you can get real jewelry, and you can find suitable online stores by learning from other customer experiences.