Top Online Stores to Buy Groceries in Bulk

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Online grocery shopping suddenly burst into the scene and has become a booming industry within a short time. Kitchen buffs have welcomed the idea with both arms, and we can say there is so much potential for the industry.

Online grocery shopping has made it easier to get whatever you need to keep your kitchen busy. This has caused many top shopping websites to diversify, and new ones solely for grocery shopping have sprung up.

However, finding the right online grocery store can be a tough task. This is because so many shops like Key Mart have opened over the years and one can hardly tell which is best. That is why we have decided to create this article to aid you in purchasing groceries from your abode or anywhere else. Below are some of the best online grocery stores to patronize.

1. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is one of the notable grocery stores online. But to order groceries from the site, you will need to take up a membership subscription. This will cost you an annual fee of $60. After finding your gateway, you are open to a world of groceries and other fun items.

There are different special diets to go for, and perishables like seafood and meat are sold in bulk. Buying goods worth at least $49 at Thrive Market will earn you free shipping. The only downside is that you can’t shop if you are not a member.

2. Fresh Direct

At Fresh Direct, your grocery shopping has been made easy as you can make selections based on factors like freezer goods, popular dishes, and dishes below 500 calories. You can also get discounts or find coupons to make your purchase.

Their delivery fee costs as little as $5.99, but it can go up depending on your location. Fresh Direct can only deliver to a couple of areas such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and others. Thus, you have to verify if they cover your area before buying from them.

3. Shipt

With wide coverage of more than 260 cities, Shipt ranks among the best online grocery stores. They deal in fresh produce and stock items from other brands like Target, Costco, and Petco. Shipt also requires customers to have a membership subscription. This subscription can be monthly ($14) or annually ($99).

And if you buy goods worth $35 or more, you will get free delivery. The shop also allows you to make alterations to your address so that you can send groceries to other people.

4. Boxed

Here is where you find a large variety of shelf-stable items. And one advantage of shopping here is that you do not require a membership subscription, as is the case in most of the others we have seen above.

Also, at Boxed, there is the Express Grocery channel feature where one of their workers goes out to help you get perishables like dairy, frozen foods, and seafood. Although no membership subscription is required, you can pay an annual fee of $49, making you eligible for free or reduced shipping costs.

5. AmazonFresh

It is not surprising to find Amazon in the grocery shopping department. Their Amazon Fresh angle provides groceries of various kinds and covers many important cities. Prime members have free access to the platform. Groceries available on Amazon Prime include meat and seafood, fresh foods, ready-made meals, and organic and local stuff. The online marketplace is great, and there is hardly any grocery you won’t find there.


Online grocery stores provide you with items at your fingertips and save you time. The online shops mentioned above are some of the best in the industry.