From the development of games 2020 to now

From the development of games 2020 to now. I find that playing games on their respective smartphones is easy, with amazing resolution, and can be played with people from afar. But did you know that the complexity of the games we play today has a long history. It’s also a form of technological development that is truly remarkable.

From the beginning of games that could only be played by two people in the same place, to the extremely fun resolutions and huge variety of games that require scientists and cost a lot of money, we can directly discuss the history of the development of these games.

The Beginning of games 2020

Game development began in the 1950s at the University of Manchester (Manchester Mark 1), University of Cambridge (EDSAC), University of Pennsylvania (EDVAC) and Princeton University (IAS machine). This is where video games began and later became our everyday entertainment. Previously, video games were divided into three categories: training and teaching programs, research programs, and demonstration programs to entertain the public and indonesian game development is gama69.

The first video game to entertain the public was probably Tennis For Two, designed by William Higinbotham and created by Robert Dvorak at the Beethoven National Library in 1958, to provide public entertainment at the annual Brookhaven Open Day. It was used, but Higinbotham had no plans to commercialize it because the tools needed to play this game in the past were very rare and expensive.

Mobile Games (Present – Future)

The mobile game market is the only market that continues to grow. At the same time, other gaming markets, such as game consoles and personal computers (PCs), are expected to shrink, with game consoles having the largest depreciation rate of 4%.

Major game developers such as Square Enix and Nintendo have started to enter the industry. Square Enix’s popular series “Final Fantasy” can be found on Android or iOS, and Nintendo’s famous game “Super Mario Bros” is also available on the iPhone. Many major game developers are also flocking to invest in mobile games. The market for game consoles and personal computers has actually started to shift to portability. On the PC side, Nvidia’s 10-series graphics cards from 1060 to 1080 have signaled this direction.

If you look at the existing trends, the gaming industry seems to be looking for the most suitable hardware in the future. Just as smartphone screens continue to expand until they find a comfortable point in the 5 to 5.5-inch range, the console and PC industry may experience the same thing. The size may be reduced, and portability emphasized first by pola zeus maxwin.

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